Entry #1

30 Fans!

2013-11-04 18:21:18 by Sr-Estroncio

Hello there newgrounds! I am making my first news post to say that I recently got 30 fans! I don't know if thats too many or too few for some people, but for me that's a lot! Thanks a lot, you guys!

I haven't been too active lately, I've been practicing some stuff and I keep forgetting to work on stuff that I can actually post, but I do plan to post a lot more stuff here in the future, whether it's chibis, butts, or something else, I don't know! So stick around for that.

30 Fans!


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2013-11-04 19:33:36

Congrats! ^^

Sr-Estroncio responds:

Thanks chick!


2013-11-04 19:34:16

31 fans*

Sr-Estroncio responds:

Oops, my bad. ^^


2013-11-05 10:12:29

Congrats! It's a first step towards amazing fame and fandom. :)

Sr-Estroncio responds:

Wow man, thanks for the kind words! I sure do hope so!


2013-11-28 15:55:34

happy thanksgiving <3 :D

Sr-Estroncio responds:

Thanks man, same to you! Have a good one.