New little drawing! And a digression

2013-12-10 12:36:49 by Sr-Estroncio

Hi there, I submitted a new little drawing today, so check it out if it interests you!

I feel like I have very few drawings here, and I want to post a lot more, because I really love this site! But I'm kind of a mess at painting, I have a couple of lineworks done here and there, but painting is a really slow process for me, and sometimes I end up not finishing drawings that are almost done!

Anyways, I guess painting more is the way to learn how to paint faster. With practice comes strength, right?


This drawing is half done for quite some time. I really don't know how to paint fishbones! (the bazooka)



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2013-12-10 13:27:12

Jinx stands for jinx..... DUH.

Sr-Estroncio responds:

DUH stands for DUH... Jinx


2013-12-10 15:37:24

More content, more fans, more fun, right ?

Sr-Estroncio responds:

You pretty much nailed it, actually... heh