My recent work

2015-08-25 00:22:05 by Sr-Estroncio

Hey there NG, haven't made a post in quite some time.

Have been studying a lot of art this year (probably more than I ever studied in my life), but haven't been getting many ''final'' drawings done to post here on the portal, so check out my tumblr or my thread in the forums if you're interested in seeing the studies and sketches i've been cooking up recently. Do suggest stuff you'd like to see drawn if you want (you can do it through tumblr), I won't make any promises ahead of time, but I could end up sketching some of them! 

Happy new year!

2013-12-31 16:49:50 by Sr-Estroncio

I never know what to say in these... I just want to wish everybody a happy new year, I know that new year is just another day, and that it's no magical ''fresh start'' or anything of the sort... But things do change, don't they? I'm sitting in the exact same spot that I was last year, typing on the same keyboard, thinking about the same things, and yet I feel different, I guess the world changes us more than we change the world, huh?

Geez, my thoughts are shit.

All I know is that this was a great year for me, I've practiced quite a bit, and finally got the courage to start uploading some drawings! Not in my wildest dreams I would imagine that 47 people actually like them enough to start following me. Or that a drawing of mine (my zone tan drawing) would get almost 19k views! That's absurd! Back in May or so, I was impressed that a drawing I had uploaded to DA got 20 views...

Anyways, I'm still a rookie at this drawing/ painting thing, there's so many ideas I haven't been able to put on paper yet! The thought of a new year is kind of refreshing to me, if I managed this much in 365 days, I guess I can do even better in 700!

Happy new year, everyone!


Oh yeah, here's a little comparison of two drawings I've done of the same character, one year ago and now, I think I'm improving quite a bit (warning: slightly NSFW).


Happy Holidays!

2013-12-24 22:47:54 by Sr-Estroncio

Hello there newgrounds! Just making a post to wish you a merry christmas / hanukkah / kwanza or whichever holiday you celebrate!

I can't say I've been working on any christmas related drawing, but I graduated from high school a couple of days ago and I am officially on vacations (for now), so I'll see what I can draw in my free time! Maybe I can still post another drawing before the year ends! (Don't quote me on that).

Also, I uploaded a new little NSFW drawing a couple of days ago, go check it out if you're into that! I've been considering splitting my drawings into two accounts, one strictly for SFW and another for NSFW, but I'm not sure about that yet.

Anyway, happy holidays, everybody!

Hi there, I submitted a new little drawing today, so check it out if it interests you!

I feel like I have very few drawings here, and I want to post a lot more, because I really love this site! But I'm kind of a mess at painting, I have a couple of lineworks done here and there, but painting is a really slow process for me, and sometimes I end up not finishing drawings that are almost done!

Anyways, I guess painting more is the way to learn how to paint faster. With practice comes strength, right?


This drawing is half done for quite some time. I really don't know how to paint fishbones! (the bazooka)


30 Fans!

2013-11-04 18:21:18 by Sr-Estroncio

Hello there newgrounds! I am making my first news post to say that I recently got 30 fans! I don't know if thats too many or too few for some people, but for me that's a lot! Thanks a lot, you guys!

I haven't been too active lately, I've been practicing some stuff and I keep forgetting to work on stuff that I can actually post, but I do plan to post a lot more stuff here in the future, whether it's chibis, butts, or something else, I don't know! So stick around for that.

30 Fans!